Anthony Doby was born at Charity hospital in New Orleans and grew up in his childhood home in Metairie with his siblings. He attended school at J.C. Ellis Elementary, Vernon C. Haynes Middle School, Jesuit High School, and Riverdale High School. He grew up middle-class and learned the value of working hard and having dedication to one’s craft or profession. He enjoys and values his ability to bring diverse groups of people together to complete projects. 


Influential and dedicated professional with 18 years of diverse experience in real estate and non-profit development. Continuously channelling his ability to connect with people and create solutions that will establish a positive working relationship between parties. Capitalizes on community development by identifying and spearheading improvement opportunities such as area clean-up, home building, and commercial development opportunities.


CEO (2003 – Present)
Anthony Doby Investments

- Owned and controlled more than 30 duplexes throughout the city of New Orleans
-  Constantly targeting land purchasing opportunities to increase the property value of the community
- Researches available properties based on current real estate trends and financial upside
- Evaluates prospective deals, negotiates property prices for acquisitions, and creates budgets and timelines for project completions.


Equality Meets Opportunity

Here are some of our priorities to begin addressing our district's needs and to help move our city forward:

  • Legalization & Decriminalization

-Legalize and tax Recreational Marijuana in the city of New Orleans 

-Monies raised from taxation would be used for funding raises for police, fire, and EMS department staffs, and to fund raises for New Orleans public school teachers, increase school equipment and supplies inventories, fund before and after school care programs, and fund schools’ free lunch programs

-Decriminalize Sex Work & Protect Adult Industry Workers' Rights

  • Infrastructure & Tax Assessment

-Draft legislation to allow the city to access fees upon nonprofits and Churches that have real estate holdings to lessen the tax burden on the average New Orleans home or land owner

-Move City Hall from the CBD to available land in New Orleans East. 

-Fix the broken & unlit street lights throughout the city

-Cut down problematic overgrown lots citywide and fine the property owners

-Create a plan together with the Sewerage & Water Board to fix and repair the city’s sidewalks, streets, and the aged-out drains beneath them

-Build weather-protected bus stops for public transit users throughout the city

  • Crime Prevention

-Increase NOPD crime cameras throughout every District D neighborhood to help catch crimes being committed

-Hire and train more police officers and increase neighborhood patrols

  • Council Budget & Spending

-Cut down on excess perks and wasteful spending by the City Council
-Eliminate the take home car policy
-Eliminate the driver/detail for Council members

  • Climate Change & Green Initiatives

-Combat flooding issues associated with climate change by raising the minimum 1st floor height from curb requirement for new construction from 36 inches to a minimum of 84 inches and a maximum of 120 inches. Also increasing residential maximum building height limits from 35 feet to 40 feet and non-residential maximum height limits to 45 feet
-Create a solar panel farm throughout every district utilizing the tops of Entergy’s 35,000 utility poles located across the city

  • Limit short term rentals in residential zones

-Ban STRs without homestead exemptions in residential zones; increase
enforcement and collections

  • Youth Programs & Services

-Partner with District D businesses, schools, and nonprofits to create a programs
for our students to help them gain a greater sense of pride in themselves and for the city they live in.

  • Business Development

-Create an atmosphere that will attract more businesses with jobs paying living wages into the district 


-  Since reclaiming many overgrown lots and failing homes in our neighborhood, there has been a noticeable decrease in existing crime and drug-related activities.
- Our group has become a large landholder in our focal area and is developing new residential housing and a commercial venture