Doby Announces Candidacy for District D

Updated: Jul 15, 2021

I love the city of New Orleans. It is a beautiful, passionate, and amazing city full of amazing people and neighborhoods like mine that I want to see better represented in our local government. Our city can do more than just attract large storage facility companies that do nothing more than increase the cost of land and bring in very few long term jobs for our residents. We need leadership that will bring new development into District D along the depleted areas of Elysian Fields Ave., Franklin Ave., and Downman Rd.; and new long term jobs that are paying living wages for our residents.

I understand that the city council oversees and helps to guide both industries big and small working to do big-time things in our city. We need representation that can understand how to spur growth at our lowest and highest residential and commercial levels, and I am ready to fight for the residents of District D.

I’m Anthony Doby and I am running for the New Orleans City Council District D office. I have the vision to help lead the way to more District D restaurants, small businesses, entertainment venues, affordable housing, and jobs for our residents. I am asking for your confidence and your vote to help lead District D to a better and brighter future.

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