Meet Anthony Doby

Updated: Jul 30, 2021

Anthony Doby was born at Charity Hospital in 1981. He attended school at J.C. Ellis Elementary and then Vernon C. Haynes Middle School before moving on to Jesuit High School and Riverdale High School. Anthony enjoys watching and cheering for the local New Orleans sports teams. He was really into basketball as a kid and still enjoys playing sports when he can.

From high school through his early 20s, he worked various jobs. He has worked pushing buggies and cashiering at a grocery store, washing dishes, bussing and waiting tables at restaurants, doing cell phone sales, and working in unairconditioned warehouses through the summer heatwaves. He tried perfume sales, and managed at fast food burger and pizza places. He rode his bike 5 miles to and from work, rain or shine, when his car caught fire while inside applying for a new job. He fell in love with the idea of owning real estate as a way of escaping that life and creating financial independence. In 2003, he quit his job and jumped into real estate and did well, but had little guidance. Achieving success at such a young inexperienced age set the stage for a dramatic failure during the financial crisis of 2006 & 2007. The experience taught him valuable lessons about himself and about how the real estate and financial markets worked when going up and when crashing down. He now manages real estate ventures for a small group that focuses on residential and small commercial projects in District D.

Anthony can relate to what the average person working in New Orleans is living through because he has personally lived through it himself. He understands that he won't know everything, and that he won't always have the answers for every situation faced with. But he knows how to listen to the smartest people in the room, knows how to ask the right questions to gain understanding, and knows how to put the right people in the needed roles in order to get a task accomplished. He is ready to fight for the good people of District D.

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